• When people pay for a service, they appreciate it more than a free service.

  • You need to cover costs and also be compensated.

  • Consider scholarships for those who may not be able to afford the full fees.

  • Research the charges for youth services in your community.


One of the the main reasons for charging for the coaching program is that people do not appreciate what is given to them free of charge. When they pay, they tend to appreciate that for which they pay, rather than that for which they receive free of charge.

In addition, there are costs involved with providing the face-to-face programs that we will provide such as printing costs etc. Also, you should be compensated for your time and knowledge.

There will likely be some families that may not be able to afford to pay full price or at all, and for them we should consider various options, which could be classified as scholarships, etc. We can discuss these options in another posting in the future.

So how much do you charge? This will depend mainly upon your location.

  • Research what youth services in your location charge for their services. Some service examples to check are sports, tutors, dance, music programs etc.
  • Set your monthly rates to compare with what the above programs charge for their services.
  • On an annual basis, multiply the monthly rate by the number of months that you will be conducting the program. Thus if your program runs for 8 months, multiply the monthly rate by 8 for your total annual fee.
  • It is suggested that you charge the full fee upfront for the full term of the program.

This is the basis on how you can determine what your current charges will be for your coaching programs.

You can consider additional fees for additional services or materials that you will supply.

You can consider discounts for families who sign up more than one child to your programs as well.

I hope this assists you.

If you wish to discuss or have some other suggestions regarding charges, please comment below.

Wishing you lots of love and laughter.

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC, Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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