A BALANCED LIFE: – Is That Possible?

  • Today’s youth can live very challenging lives.

  • Balancing the demands on their lives can assist them in overall success.

  • The benefits of having a balanced life can be addressed in youth group sessions.


  • Youth today can lead very busy lives.

  • They feel that good grades at school are not enough.

  • They think that they need to accomplish a lot in order to be able to get into a university or college of choice.

  • They need a resume filled with extra-curricular activities to show that they are well rounded.

  • There is competition from their peers which adds more pressure.

  • They can be industrious, work harder and think longer-term than previous generations.

  • They are more likely studying or building online businesses.

  • Today’s young people spend time alone rather than socializing.

  • The young generation smoke less, drink less and party less than previous generations.

  • They tend to be more politically and environmentally conscious.

Relentlessly pursuing achievement instead of balancing activities is unlikely to lead to happiness.

They need to consider the benefits of and learn about balancing their lives.


Life requires us to balance many demands such as:

  • Studying and work;

  • Family;

  • Play;

  • Leisure and relaxation;

  • Physical needs;

  • Financial need;

  • Caring for others;

  • Caring for ourselves;

  • Social consciousness;

  • Political consciousness;

  • Environmental consciousness;

  • Spiritual beliefs;

  • and others.

You may ask, ‘Do children really have all these demands?

“Yes”. They are increasingly becoming aware of many demands at a younger age.

It has become essential to take a break from school/work, assignments, deadlines, and screens.

Finding balance is a lifetime project. It is not a finite goal. Balance is a way of living. It is a process.

Accomplishments and failures are both part of balance.

We are far more productive and happier when we get enough sleep, eat a little healthier and fit in some exercise.

Surround yourself with positive, supportive, can-do people whenever possible.

Join social groups. Remember fun. Turn off technology.

They need opportunities to find balance.


  • Encourage them to join youth group sessions.
  • Enable them to discuss their thoughts on the world in which they are involved.
  • Have them organize their sessions where they express themselves.
  • Have them practice presentation skills.
  • Enable them to give each other feedback on various activities.
  • Introduce activities which enable them to improve their communication and empathy for each other.
  • Have them organize their own activities such as debates or impromptu speaking sessions.
  • Show videos of young thought leaders for discussion.
  • Discuss having realistic goals in all areas of your life and remember that your ultimate goal is balance.
  • Encourage teamwork to learn how to interact with one another.
  • Review how accomplishments and failures are both part of balance.
  • Have them discuss and regular examination of their priorities.
  • Have them say no everything that is not essential or doesn’t add value to their lives.

Youth group sessions offer them the opportunity to practice and learn critical soft skills.

This will enable them to communicate, work together and create more balance in their lives.

They will become the leaders that our changing world needs.


It has been demonstrated that our youth learn the desired skills from youth group sessions.

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There is a guide available which assists parents and others working with youth.

The guide enables a person to be proactive in the success of a child’s future.

It contains activities to assist youth to gain critical soft skills.

They will become more resourceful and independent when they practice and gain these skills.

The guide is available from Our Future Leaders.

Request the Parent’s Guide herehttp://www.ourfutureleaders.ca/contact-us/


What are you going to do to assist children to become our future leaders?

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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  1. Thank you Fred – Your advice is good for adults as well. One item I would add for creating balance: Find time to just be in nature – the forest or the beach. Finding our grounding can be very healing.

  2. Thank you Lowell Ann.

    Agree with the comment about getting out in nature.

    Children today would definitely benefit from getting out in nature more as well as us adults.

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