HUMOUR: Its Benefits.

Humour has a powerful impact when working with groups of people.

It makes communication more effective.

Humour helps build a team and community.

When working with groups, incorporating humour can have many positive effects.


  • Reducing stress – relaxes the tone when interacting with others;

  • Building relationships – promotes open communication and reduces fear of being judged by others;

  • Building morale – encourages everyone to participate and take part. Makes interaction more enjoyable;

  • Strengthening teams – removes barriers between team members and helps build bonds;

  • Making change easier – eases anxiety and discomfort as the lighter side of change is seen;

  • Increasing productivity – a happier group is more productive;

  • Benefiting health – laughter has many health benefits as it reduces tension and improves general health.


In our youth group sessions,we can have a person who counts the number of laughs they hear during the session. This reminds us how much fun we have during a session.

To promote laughter we have a role for a person to tell a humorous story or a joke.

What are your thoughts about how to add and use humour in group sessions?

Please make your comments and suggestions in the comments section below.


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Every child deserves a wonderful future.

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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