RELATIONSHIPS – Key to Success.

  • Today’s younger generation faces more challenges than any previous generation.

  • Those who can build and maintain good relationships with others will be successful.

  • We can encourage the younger generation to build positive relationships.

A snowflake is one of God’s most fragile creations, but look what they can do when they stick together! ~Author Unknown

Relationships affect how we see ourselves and how we see others in relation to ourselves.

Being connected with others is positive and healthy.

Being isolated, alone, misunderstood and not heard is negative and not healthy.

It is important that we expose children to the benefits of connecting with others.



Discuss the full meaning  of relationships with the younger generation and how

  • We feel happier and have more personal satisfaction when we have close connections with others.

  • A great deal of our most rewarding and enjoyable life experiences are when we connect and share time with others.

  • Family, friends and wider groups associated with work, sports, hobbies, religion, and community contribute to our well-being.

  • When we have challenges our communities help us find the strength to deal with them.

  • Sharing a mission or identity contributes to our sense of personal meaning.

  • We draw strength from our relationships with others.

  • Quality personal relationships affect our personal well being and mental health.



Discuss how maintaining relationships

  • It is not easy to create and maintain happy interpersonal relationships.

  • If we face neglect, inattention, and stress in our relationships, dissatisfaction and stress can be the results.

  • Should a group become divisive and involved with infighting this could damage, hurt and isolate people.

  • It is important that we nurture and strengthen all our communities to which we belong.

  • Neglect and conflict are two major challenges in personal relationships.

  • It is key to be proactive in all your relationships to keep them personally satisfying.

  • Time – Spend regular time with all your groups.

  • Attentive – Stay involved and not distracted by other activities when with others.

  • Show Appreciation – Everyone needs to be appreciated and nurtured.

  • Listen – Understanding the viewpoints of others is key to connecting and managing any differences.

  • Communication – Learn to talk with respect and empathy to create positive relationships.

  • Apologizing / Forgiveness – These are key to maintaining positive relationships.

  • Nurture – All groups and organizations to which you belong need to be nurtured and reinvigorated.

  • Involvement – Take on roles and give time as a volunteer, supporter or leader.

  • Join – Find groups that reflect your interests and talents, and contribute.

  • Support – Those who support and give back, benefit in their well-being and satisfaction.



  • Encourage young people to join groups.

  • Online youth groups can be a wonderful way to build community.

  • They offer the opportunity to learn how to listen and communicate with peers.


There is a guide available which assists parents and others working with youth.

The guide enables a person to be proactive in the success of a child’s future.

It contains activities to assist youth to gain critical soft skills.

They will become more resourceful and independent when they practice and gain these skills.

The guide is available from Our Future Leaders.

Request the Parent’s Guide here


It has been demonstrated that our youth learn the desired skills from youth group sessions.

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Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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