• Entrepreneurship is an excellent skill for youth to develop.

  • Here is an example of a young teenager presenting her skills.

  • Self-confidence is a great benefit learned in group coaching.

It is pleasing to share with you a recent presentation. A young teenager gave the presentation. She has an interesting and successful business venture. She plays the harp at various functions.

McKenna started in group youth programs about 5 years ago. She is home schooled and has persisted attending various coaching programs. She has recently started her own business.

Her mother indicated that the group coaching has assisted McKenna with her self-confidence.  She is able to make presentations in front of various groups. This is an excellent example of how group coaching can benefit youth.

McKenna’s recent  presentation was about the harp. She first explained the history of the harp which is over 3500 years old . Then also demonstrated how the harp is played. She followed that by playing various types of music. She played classical to modern music to show the harp’s and her dexterity.

mckenna4-4-nov-16   mckenna1-4-nov-16

McKenna could offer to give similar presentations to a variety of groups. They would likely find it informative and enjoyable.

It is impressive to see a young teenager inform us about the harp and also play the instrument. Such talks will assist her to become known in the community. This would enhance her business and increase requests to perform at various functions.

If you wish to learn more about what McKenna is doing you can find her facebook page at:


As mentioned in early postings, entrepreneurship is a valuable skill for our youth. It will assist them when they enter adulthood.

McKenna’s self-confidence is a great example of how group coaching can assist our youth.

Are you are interested in learning more about group coaching?

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Wishing you lots of love and laughter, as always.

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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