AN AMAZING DAY – The Impromptu Speech Contest

  • Recently a group of youth arranged an impromptu speech contest.

  • Their event was very successful.

  • Everyone was proud of what they experienced and achieved.

  • It was an amazing day.



This past Friday evening I attended an impromptu speech contest organized and run by youth.

It was designed and created by the youth who put in a great deal of work into organizing this contest.

They thought about and arranged all aspects of the event.

They decided how to conduct the contest such as having all the contestants leave the room and come in one at a time.

The master of ceremonies was well organized and controlled the room very professionally.

They arranged for the eight judges who were a mixture of youth and adult judges, and the judging process.

They printed the certificates for the winners (those with honourable mentions and most improved).

The question the contestants had to answer was, “Tell us about your most amazing day. It can be a day that has already happened or one you can imagine. Tell us about your most amazing day.”

There were 13 contestants who came into the room one at a time and in front of a room full of youth and parents they described their most amazing day.

The audience heard about days with actual trips or imagined trips to places like Disneyland / Disney World, or Hawaii. Also, contestants shared their dreams where a person was flying around the world and seeing outstanding sights. We were told about days when they were with a group, or staying at home and watching videos or sharing time and activities with their family.

After the contest, not only the contestants but members of the audience were asking when they could do this again? It was an exciting and wonderful meeting.

My main take away was that the youth organized this contest themselves and once again showed their capabilities.

It was an amazing day with the function arranged by some amazing youth.

Wishing you lots of love and laughter.

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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