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The 2015/16 Coaches Playbook contains: 

  • How to set up and market coaching programs

  • What it takes to be an excellent coach.

  • Resources to assist you as you progress with your program.


After a decade and more of working with youth, I have come across many practices and techniques that can be used when working and coaching our youth. Much of this information has been recorded in the 2015/16 Coach’s Playbook that is being ready for distribution.

The playbook contains information about such topics as:

  • Benefits of coaching.
  • What it takes to be an excellent coach.
  • How to set up and market coaching programs.
  • How to introduce and conduct the coaching sessions.
  • Examples of agendas, role descriptions, forms, etc that can be edited and used.
  • List of resources for coaching.
  • Examples of various exercises used in the sessions.

Thus is you are interested in exploring what it will take to set up your own coaching program, you should request a copy of the playbook. You can submit your request by completed the “Contact us” form and placing ‘Coaches Playbook’ as the Subject. You can find this on the Contact us page at:

Should you wish to start a coaching program, please feel free to contact me. You can do this by completing the form found on the ‘Contact us:’ page on this website or by commenting below.

I look forward to sharing the Coach’s Playbook with you and assisting you with reviewing how you may set up programs for coaching our youth to face the future challenges.

Wishing you lots of love and laughter.

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC, Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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