KEY SKILLS FOR THE 2020’s: Why Coaching Our Youth is Necessary

  • Interpersonal skills are key to jobs in the future.

  • Many of these skills are currently not being taught.

  • This is why group coaching is important for our youth.

When we look at the list of skills required for jobs in the future decades, it reinforces why our youth need coaching.

In January 2016, The World Economic Forum published a report, called “The Future of Jobs.”  It made the following predictions about how technological advancements will force the labour markets to evolve. This of course, will affect our youth who will be entering the labour force in the coming decades.

10. Cognitive flexibility is an important skill.

In the future, a wide range of jobs will require a higher level of cognitive abilities which include creativity and logical reasoning. Cognitive flexibility is the ability to think about multiple concepts simultaneously.

9. Negotiation skills will be in demand.

Negotiation skills will be in high demand. Social skills are going to become ever more important in the workforce.

8. Service orientation skills will be important.

Service orientation is actively looking for ways to help others. It also falls under the social skills umbrella.

7. Judgment and decision making will become a highly desired skill.

This is the ability to analyze data to be able to make decisions.

6. Emotional intelligence will be in demand.

A higher level of emotional intelligence will become more important. We will need to be aware of others’ reactions and to understand why they react in certain ways.

5. Coordinating with others.

This also falls under the social skill umbrella and involves the ability of being able to collaborate and adjust actions in relation to others.

4. People management will be sought after.

The ability to identify the best people for the team, motivate and train them will become more important.

3. Creativity will become a huge quality employers require.

Creative people will be in demand to work out ways to apply the new technology and create new products and services.

2.  Critical thinking will be in high demand.

There will be more demand for being able to use logic and reasoning to identify strengths and weaknesses of different solutions and approaches.

1. Complex problem solving continues to be the top skill employers are seeking.

People will need to be able to solve complex problems.

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Many of the these skills listed above are not taught in our current education system.

So where do our youth learn these skills?  We can help by setting up group coaching to assist with many of these skills.

What are your thoughts and comments?  

How can we promote more group coaching of our youth to ensure their future success as they reach adulthood?

Wishing you lots of love and laughter, as always.

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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