• This weekend was busy with speech contests and speech coaching.

  • Public speaking is a valuable skill to acquire.

  • This is a skill in which we can assist our youth.

It was a busy ‘public speaking’ weekend. There were both contests and coaching.

On Saturday, two of my Toastmaster friends competed in speech contests. Each won their contest. This is exciting. It is very unusual for two contestants from the same club to win at that level. Both will be moving on to the next level of competition in two weeks time.


Also, a young friend will be entering a French language speech contest on Tuesday. This 12 year old asked for help to prepare for the contest. I do not speak French, but one of the winners from the Saturday contest is French-speaking. She was able to assist with his coaching on Sunday. The three of us were in different towns but connected online. The young man presented his French speech in front of his iPad. We could see and hear him. This enabled us to comment and offer suggestions.


Effective public speaking is one of the most valuable skills young people can acquire. This can have a lasting impact on them.

Many speech competitions tend to use different judging criteria. The challenge is to find the correct balance between preparation and presentation.

It is important that their experiences help them become effective communicators. We can encourage our youth to not only look at what the judges consider. We can encourage them to create and present effective presentations. This will assist them in noncompetitive communication settings in the future.

Here is an overview of the main elements to review when coaching anyone.



  • Topic and Purpose -What is the message? Is to inform, entertain or inspire?

  • Audience Analysis -What is appropriate to the particular audience?

  • Content -Use stories and humour where appropriate.

  • Structure – Develop the body – often 3 sections with sub-sections.

  • Strong Conclusion -Can be a summary.

  • Introduction -What is best method to gain audiences attention? (Note: This is at the end on purpose.)



  • Notes vs. Memorization.

  • Wording -Appropriate for the audience.

  • Movement -Natural, not dramatic or staged.

  • Gestures -Effective and natural use of facial, hand and body movement.

  • Vocal Delivery -Pace, volume, timbre, pitch, pauses, etc.

  • Audience Interaction -How to best do this for this particular presentation.


Public speaking is an art form developed through practice and constructive feedback. Young people can form positive public speaking habits that can last them a lifetime.

 This is a skill in which we can assist them.

If you require more details, please contact us.


Are you are interested in learning more about group coaching?

If so, contact us to obtain a report on a simple and easy system on how to set up group coaching programs for youth. You can do this in the ‘Contact us‘ section of the website.


Wishing you lots of love and laughter, as always.

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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