• Belonging to a team or community is important to our well-being.

  • Group effort can be more effective than working on our own.

  • The ability to work on a team is a skill that we can use throughout our lives.

 At a recent youth group meeting the discussion topic was teamwork.

The attendees expressed their opinions on the topic.

They discussed why teamwork is important in their lives and the world.



  • We learn to use many social skills.

  • We exchange ideas and opinions.

  • We learn how to interact effectively with other team members.

  • We learn to respect the abilities and opinions of others.

  • Our empathy for others improves as we learn how others think about issues.

  • Our communication skills improve.

  • Working with other age groups is helpful throughout life.

  • Functioning as a team improves our communication, social and emotional skills.

  • Our self-esteem and confidence improves.

  • Feeling we belong to a team or community is important to our well being.

All the above assist to make each of us an effective team member and member of society.


Social Competency:

  • When working in a group we learn to listen actively.

  • Our social competency improves as we learn to interpret and respond to other team member’s needs.

  • This makes us and the group more effective.



  • Working in a group we learn that we need to contribute.

  • We cannot sit back and do nothing.

  • We learn that we cannot do everything our way.

  • We learn about group dynamics.

  • We realize that a group effort can be more effective than working on our own.


We learn:

  • to negotiate our own needs in the group;

  • about the concerns of other people;

  • to negotiate and follow the protocols and team rules;

  • how to negotiate our own vision with the vision and preferences of team members.

 Make it Fun:

 Having fun enhances the opportunities to learn teamwork

With positive experiences, they will learn how to work together. They can practice to lead the group, take on various roles, resolve disagreements, and make rules.

This helps them with emotional self-regulation and negotiation.

Working together enhances their learning opportunities and abilities.

They learn team-based life skills like emotional self-regulation, negotiation, patience, compromise and problem solving.


Coaching Effectively:

As coaches, it is important that we understand the balance between making and breaking a child’s confidence.

We can enable them to create social bonds with others.

We can have a lasting positive impact on each participant that will endure throughout their life.

They will learn these important and often critical skills without realizing they’re learning!



Each group member learns to reflect on their individual experience compared with the group experience.

As coaches we can help them with their feedback about their effectiveness.

We can lead them to review what did and didn’t work well in the group.

We can obtain feedback on what each person thinks they could have done differently.

Such discussions can be beneficial to the group.

The ability to work as a team is a skill that they will use throughout their lives.

Please share your ideas on how we can assist our youth to enhance their teamwork.

 If you require more details, please contact us.


Are you are interested in learning more about group coaching?

If so, contact us to obtain a report on a simple and easy system on how to set up group coaching programs for youth. You can do this in the ‘Contact us‘ section of the website.


Wishing you lots of love and laughter, as always.

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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