• The Fourth Industrial Age or the Digital Revolution is impacting employment.

  • Companies will have fewer permanent employees.

  • Learning how to learn is the only safeguard for people growing up in an era of rapid change.


A recent newspaper article discussed the new wave of advanced technology. It is and will change our economy.

The headline proclaimed, ‘Technology’s Invisible Hand’.  It discussed how it impacts the future workplace. Unemployment will affect many sectors of the economy.

These changes are resulting from the Fourth Industrial Age or the Digital Revolution. This is the scenario into which our youth are moving.

Also I read an article about the future human resources (HR) practices.

Employment will become much more skills based. People will  see themselves as members of a particular skill or professional network. Companies will have fewer permanent employees.

Human Resources (HR) will manage bidding processes. There will be an open market for assignments. People from within and outside the organisation will compete for postings and projects.

Recruitment will become a sourcing function. It will often be merged with the management of contracts and price agreements.

Many companies will be too small to have HR hiring teams. They will look to technology or dedicated agents to supply needs. This will invigorate professional guilds, associations and trade bodies. They will rely on them for training, development and innovation.

Workers will be categorised and rewarded for having specialist expertise. People will have more of a personal stake in the organisation’s or project’s success. Options such as project delivery-related bonuses will become more common.


This will require a high degree of relationship building and business trust. Many contractors and partners will adopt ‘eBay-style’ ratings of past performance. This is to help land the next contract. Uber drivers or BnB hosts and guests are currently ranked like this.

Learning how to learn is the only safeguard for people growing up in an era of rapid change. Technological skills aren’t going to be enough.

We had a posting a few months ago. It covered some of the survival skills our youth need in their future. The skills were  communication, collaboration/teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and innovation/entrepreneurship.

This posting is at:

The nature of work is changing. By the time the current students reach adulthood the workplace will be unrecognizable. They will need many of the skills in which we can coach them.

This is another example of how group coaching can assist.

Are you are interested in learning more about group coaching?

If so, contact me to obtain a report on a simple and easy system on how to set up group coaching programs for youth. You can do this in the ‘Contact us‘ section of the website.

Please contact me to enter the discussion OR TO REQUEST A FREE COPY OF THE GROUP COACHING PLAYBOOK. 

Wishing you lots of love and laughter, as always.

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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