THE POWER OF GROUP COACHING: Illustrated by Two Informative Speeches

  • Recently we experienced two very informative presentations by two young girls.

  • A few months ago, they would not have volunteered to present in front of over 30 attendees.

  • This demonstrates the power of group coaching sessions for our youth.


At a recent meeting we were presented with two informative speeches.


The first speech presented was about the challenges and benefits of being a middle child.

As a middle child you have to learn how to co-exist when the older and younger children get the bulk of the attention. Whereas the middle child has to learn to entertain themselves and work with other age groups. This results in the middle child becoming an excellent negotiator, as they see both sides of an issue or question.

In addition, the middle child is more patient, independent and a consensus / team builder. These are critical skills in the work world of today and the future.

This presenter delivered a very well structured presentation. She told us stories and anecdotes to clearly outline some of the challenges faced by a middle child.

She made a strong case on why middle children were good citizens and excellent potential future employees.


The second speech was about people who have changed the world. This presenter mentioned well known people such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Albert Einstein. She pointed out some of their most valuable contributions and achievements which have had major impacts on the world.

Once again, this was a well organized presentation. She ended by informing those present that they too could have a positive impact on the world.


These two young girls were around 12 years old.

Once again, these two presenters volunteered to make these presentations. A few months ago, they were shy and would not have volunteered to make presentations in front of a group of over 30 attendees.

It is this type of behavior that makes adults realize that the world is in good hands as we help coach our youth to find their voices

This shows the power of group sessions where our youth can safely practice their communication and leadership skills.

What are your thoughts and experiences?  Please share your comments.

If you wish to discuss how you can become involved with youth group coaching, please contact us.

Wishing you lots of love and laughter, as always.

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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