• I use pictures of flowers in many of my postings.

  • What is the relevance of flowers when talking about children?

  • You plant seeds with them and you can produce beautiful people.

Have you noticed that I use pictures of flowers in many of my postings?

I do receive questions about why I use flower pictures. It is recommended to show pictures which include people, not things.  I learned this from photography. So why the flowers? This is contrary to many norms.

I did a recent presentation about coaching our youth. I received a comment that the flowers were distracting. What is the relevance of flowers when talking about children? They did not see the connection of showing pictures of flowers.

Here is how I answered that question. I told them that when you plant flower seeds you can produce beautiful flowers. You need to nurture and tend to them and those seeds can produce beautiful flowers.

I equated that to working with children. You plant seeds with them. When you nurture them properly, you can produce beautiful people.

That is the reason I decided to use the scenes which often include flowers when posting a blog.

I did not think of this on my own. The flowers were not my original idea.  I had asked my daughter for help to design a booklet. She designed a cover page using a flower picture. I liked it. This got me thinking about the simile of planting seeds and getting beautiful results. That is what triggered the idea. I have been running with this from the early days.

Here is the original picture my daughter used. I continue to use this in all the literature created for coaching youth.


Besides I like wearing a variety of hats. One of my favourite hats is the one with the flower on it. You can see that hat in the picture at the end of each blog post. It just seems to make so much sense now. Using flowers to symbolize the beautiful results from planting seeds.

Thus, that is the answer to the question, ‘Why the flowers?’

I hope you might find  some interest in learning how you can plant some seeds too.  If so, let’s coach children and plant some seeds together!

Are you are interested in learning more about group coaching?

If so, contact me to obtain a report on a simple and easy system on how to set up group coaching programs for youth. You can do this in the ‘Contact us‘ section of the website.

Please contact me to enter the discussion OR TO REQUEST A FREE COPY OF THE GROUP COACHING PLAYBOOK. 

Wishing you lots of love and laughter, as always.

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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