DEEP LEARNING – How will that affect our youth’s world?

  • Deep Learning will have a dramatic impact on the world as our youth enter adulthood.

  • Much of what our youth are learning in the traditional schools systems is not preparing them for what their future holds.

  • Our youth need coaching so that they gain self-confidence and creativity to ensure their future success.

Deep Learning is one of the (ground) breaking technologies which will have a dramatic impact on the world as we currently know it and on our youth  as they enter adulthood.


When you look it up on Wikipedia the explanation can be overwhelming, but the results are what are important. It enables our computer systems to dramatically improve the state-of-the-art for speech recognition (hearing), object recognition (seeing), predicting the activity of drug molecules (thinking) and many other tasks. Computers now have the ability to learn languages like Chinese, to recognize objects in photos, or help think through a medical diagnosis.


The impact of this rapidly growing field will be immense. It means that many traditional jobs will either disappear or be dramatically altered. Thus engineers, scientists, medical professions, researchers and many other occupations will be affected. What children are being taught in our current education system will not help them cope with the new workplace.

The Deep Learning Summer School held in Montreal in 2015 was aimed at graduate students, industrial engineers and researchers who had some basic knowledge of machine learning and wanted to learn more about this rapidly growing field of research. There is a great deal of information about this summer school and this is informative as to what type of research is currently being conducted.


Our youth will have to be creative and self confident and be able to look at the changing world to see opportunities rather than problems. They need the self-confidence to think and say, ‘I can do something about that.’  Those who possess that trait will be the successful ones in the future world.

This is another reason for coaching our youth to be creative and have self-confidence in their abilities.

What are your thoughts on what our youth will be facing as they ultimately enter adulthood?  What skills do you consider important for them to gain? Please post your comments.

Wishing you lots of love and laughter, as always.

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones


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