PROJECTS -What Are the Best Type of Projects For Your Participants?

  • Cooperation with one another is an important skill to develop.

  • Having your participants work on projects together helps develop skills such as cooperation and mutual respect.

  • Working on group projects can be a very effective as a coaching medium.

When coaching your group sessions, here are some thoughts to consider concerning projects that can be discussed with your participants.


Consider a topic that can be meaningful to the local community. How can their projects have a positive affect on their community? Perhaps it could be helping others such as an individual, a specific group or the community as a whole. This will make them aware how important our communities are in our lives.


We are not teachers, but there are some subjects and ideas that you may find useful to introduce to your group. You can find free lesson plans on the internet that have been created by and for teachers. Some of these will cover topics such as animal welfare, bullying and tolerance, emergency preparation and response, environment, health and wellness, homelessness and poverty, hunger, literacy, peace and kindness, and senior citizens are examples.


Working in groups offers additional learning opportunities such as team work and working with diverse team mates. Thus it is preferable that the projects are done by groups.


Duration of the projects will depend upon the length of your coaching programs.

Short Term: – you can break the participants into groups during a session and they can work on a group project and complete it during that single session or over a few sessions.

Long Term: Depending upon the length of your program you can suggest appropriate projects. That is if your program is 3 months, or perhaps 8 months in duration, this will affect the type of project that you can suggest.

Please consider how projects can be used to assist to coach your participants and share your ideas with us. Please post your thoughts and comments.

Wishing you lots of love and laughter.

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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