They Did It All On Their Own!

  • Three young participants set their own goals to enter the World Scholars Cup competition.

  • They studied and worked on their own without an adult coach.

  • They had outstanding results. You can watch a video of their experience.

This is an excellent example of what our young people can accomplish as they gain self-confidence.

 Three young girls who are members of our local youth club, decided to enter a World Scholar’s Cup regional event which was held for the first time in Victoria, B.C. this year. They found about it, researched it and decided to create their own team and enter the competition on their own.

The other teams who had adult coaches, were from different schools. Tesnim, Ines and Emily do not go to the same school and studied on their own. There are four events consisting of team debates, scholar’s bowl, collaborative writing and scholar’s challenge.  The theme this year was, ‘An Imperfect World’ and the subjects they had to study were: SCIENCE: Diseases & Public Health, HISTORY: A History of Cheating, LITERATURE: Words to Light the Darkness, ART & MUSIC: Flawed Visions, Broken Sounds, SOCIAL STUDIES: When States Falter, and a SPECIAL AREA: Crime & Justice.

You can find out more about the World Scholar’s Cup at their website :


On Saturday, 20 February 2016, Tesnim, Ines and Emily  entered as Team 354 representing two different schools unlike all the other teams who represented an individual school with adult coaches. The came away with about 30 medals in the team categories and individual student categories. They also won three trophies which were for  First Place Challenge Team, Junior Division; Second Place Overall Team, Junior Division, and Second Place Overall Student-Junior Division won by Emily.

Here is the video of the presentation that they gave to the members of the youth group describing their experiences and showing the results of their efforts.


As they came in second place in the Junior Division, this qualifies them to attend the Global Round to be held in Thailand June 25-30, 2016.

This was an exciting proposition and I wanted to encourage them to attend the Global Round. This would take a lot of fund raising between now and then as it would not be an inexpensive undertaking due to airfares, hotel costs, and additional expenses for the three young girls and a chaperone. However, after much discussion, one of the participants clearly and convincingly suggested that it would be much more effective if they attended when they were older. Thus at this time, they will not likely attend the Global Round, but do plan to enter the regional event in the future.

Once again, I think the wisdom came from the youth. It pays to listen to them as they do often have a very valid voice.

Please post your thoughts and comments regarding this example of what our young people are capable of achieving as they gain self-confidence.

Wishing you lots of love and laughter, as always.

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones


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