LEADERSHIP: A Complex Topic.

  • Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Leadership requires many skills.

  • We can encourage our youth to gain skills to become leaders. 

Leadership is a complex topic.

There are thousands of books, videos and opinions on this subject.

In our dynamic world, approaches to leadership are changing.


  • Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Children learn in school to ‘go with the flow’ and follow the rules.

  • They learn and memorize facts instead of becoming independent thinkers.

  • By thinking “outside of the box” and creating unique solutions, they can become leaders.

  • This can result in more income, more opportunities, and increased self-confidence.

Becoming a leader requires the development of many skills.


Here are some tips to help us instil the right skills in our future leaders;

  • Encourage group activities.

  • Practice and sharpen confident communication.

  • Practice listening skills.

  • Encourage learning about a variety of subjects and the world.

  • Build negotiation skills.

  • Hone decision-making abilities.

  • Learn and practice humility.

  • Learn about a servant leader and how to become one.

  • Encourage them to be creative and innovative by enabling them to start something new.

  • Use vision boards.

  • Encourage them to dream big.

  • Learn project management skills by having them organize group or family activities.

  • Allow them to delegate.

  • Take responsibility even when things go wrong.

  • Emphasize perseverance.

  • Recognize them for keeping a commitment.

  • Let them solve their own problems.

  • Encourage them to mentor each other and find mentors external to the group.

  • Encourage optimistic thinking.

  • Suggest they have family game nights.

  • Have them enroll in summer activities and camp if possible.

  • Have them do chores and take on work when old enough.

  • Teach them money management.

As mentioned, becoming a leader requires many skills.

Many of the above suggestions will help create better leaders.

Also, they will perform better in school and develop better personal relationships throughout life.

It is rewarding to witness children transform into respectable and inspirational young adults.


It has been demonstrated that our youth learn the desired skills from youth group sessions.

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There is a guide available which assists parents and others working with youth.

The guide enables a person to be proactive in the success of a child’s future.

It contains activities to assist youth to gain critical soft skills.

They will become more resourceful and independent when they practice and gain these skills.

The guide is available from Our Future Leaders.

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Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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