SELF-CONFIDENCE #2 – It’s Importance.

  • Gaining self-confidence changes people’s lives.

  • It has been shown that we should stress confidence building activities at a young age.

  • Confidence increases success in adulthood.


In a recent post we reviewed group activities that can assist young people to gain self-confidence.

That post’s aim was to make us think about how we can encourage youth to gain self-confidence.


This post’s aim is to have us realize the importance of youth gaining self-confidence.

Having self-confidence has a great impact and effect on us.

When working with youth it is important to assist them to gain self-confidence.

It is key to changing their lives for the better.


There is a study from the University of Melbourne. It suggests that we should stress confidence building activities at an early age.

A correlation was found between confidence levels as early as primary school and success in the workplace as adults.


  • Confidence is a state of mind.

  • Confidence is not something that can be learned like a set of rules.

  • Confidence comes from pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone.

  • Facing your fears and overcoming resistance and anxiety builds your confidence.

  • Confidence comes from ‘doing’ and even if not successful, we remain persistent.

  • Action inspires confidence.

  • Try something new and keep on doing it.

  • Confidence is the result of experience.

  • Confidence comes from feelings of well-being and acceptance of your body and mind.

  • Confidence results in belief in your own ability, skills and experience.

  • Confidence is not a destination, it is the journey.

  • Confidence will come from allowing yourself to have as many experiences as possible.


  • Removes Self Doubt – realize that you are capable of achievements.

  • Overcomes Challenges – provides more strength and power when encountering challenges.

  • Reduces Fear and Anxiety – realization of being able to handle more situations and benefit from them.

  • Less Social Anxiety – less concern about what others think about you.

  • More Peace of Mind – results in a more stress-free life.

  • Increase Energy and Motivation – energized to achieve goals.

  • Improve Interactions with Others – more at ease with those around you resulting in more enjoyable social interactions.

  • Pride – you value yourself and your capabilities.

  • Happiness – you enjoy your life more.

  • Improved Health -reduction of stress improves health and quality of sleep.

  • Become Stronger – you gain mental strength over time.

  • Increases Success – you achieve your goals faster and easier.

This is why assisting our young people to gain self-confidence is so powerful.

What are your thoughts about helping youth to gain self-confidence?

Please make your comments and suggestions in the comments section below.


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Every child deserves a wonderful future.

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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  1. Great information Fred. Good techniques for adults as well.

    Makes one realize the huge impact that feedback has – how important it is to ensure that it is balanced between positive and areas for improvement and to include loads of encouragement.

  2. Thanks LowellAnn, Yes, feedback can have a huge impact on all of us. There are times when something is said in jest which can be taken the wrong way by the recipient and impact them enormously. There are many stories of how children have been affected by comments from adults and other children. Communication and giving effective feedback can be a major factor affecting self-confidence. Also learning to receive and process feedback is important..

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