VISIONARIES: Making Major Impacts.

  • Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs were visionaries.

  • They made major impacts on our world.

  • If our youth are visionary, innovative, confident and persistent they can have a positive impact on the changing world.

  • Who knows who may be the next Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs?


  • are driven by the challenge and excitement that come from pushing the limits.

  • are optimistic about the future.

  • are consumed with making tomorrow better than today.

  • don’t like to follow the norm or status quo.

  • have pride in their work, but accomplishing great things motivates them more.

  • develop innovative ideas by connecting disparate concepts, thoughts, and theories together.

  • don’t give up on a possible solution because, at first, it appears difficult to realize.

  • set what are often called “big hairy audacious goals.”


  • are not conventional in their thinking style.

  • do intense mental exercises.

  • ask, “Why is it done that way?”

  • think about alternative ways to do things.

  • explore different possibilities for change.

  • re-imagine reality.

  • think deeply to develop revolutionary solutions to problems characterized by unusual complexity.



  • Visionaries are willing to leverage ideas from people who think in similar ways.

  • They invite others to share their vision.

  • Many visionaries state that their friends and colleagues help make them visionary.

  • As time and resources are limited, a person cannot know everything.

  • Exchanging ideas with others helps us gain knowledge.


  • Communication is key in visionary leadership.

  • You cannot do everything by yourself.

  • Gaining the support of others is critical to success.

  • By showing courage and confidence others will believe in your vision.

  • Showing enthusiasm and energy make the vision more appealing to others.

  • Concise and simple communication of a vision is important.

  • Visionaries tend to communicate more clearly than the average person.


ICONS: Have them research visionary icons and present the results of their research.

CONTRIBUTE: Discuss the concept that all great businesses contribute to improving the lives of other people.

SOLVE PROBLEMS: Encourage them to look for problems they can likely solve.

VOLUNTEER: Have them experience the joy of helping others.

CHARITY: Encourage them to support a charitable cause in their community.

HUMILITY: Review how humility during periods of success is key to leadership.

People who contribute to the success of others live happy and content lives.


It has been demonstrated that our youth learn the desired skills from youth group sessions.

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Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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