“I’M SEVENTEEN” by Kate Simonds

  • Youth have valid ideas that should be listened to and not be ignored.

  • Just because the suggestion comes from a young person, does not mean it should not be considered.

  • If we involve our youth more in what and how they learn, they will be more interested and absorbed.

Kate Simonds, a 17 year old student at Timberline High School presented a TEDxTalk in Boise, Idaho, USA on 16th of January, 2015. Her message was to challenge adults to listen more to youth.

Here are some of her statements.

  • I think that any idea should be respected no matter the age of who if comes from.
  • I have years of experience of my voice not mattering and not being respected.
  • I learned how to create a budget, to run an interview, how to speak in front of large groups… and most importantly, how to problem solve. [Kate is involved with a non-profit group.]
  • We do not get to speak for ourselves.
  • I’ve become fully aware of the constant belittling that occurs to student voices.
  • Look at our education system; as students, we have no say in what we learn or how we learn it, yet we’re expected to absorb it all, take it all in, and be able to run the world someday.
  • Student’s have lost sight of their education’s value and have therefore stopped learning.
  • Our ideas matter. But unfortunately this will only work if it’s a collaboration. Adults, I’m asking you to work with us. Give us your respect, hold us accountable.
  • Teens, you need to believe in your voices, and adults, you need to listen.

As the motto of TEDTalks is ‘ideas worth spreading’ here is what Kate Simonds stated,

This is my idea worth spreading, a world of creative collaboration between adults and students. It’s a world where adults listen and respect student ideas, and a world where students respect and listen to their own ideas. The education system; it will improve dramatically, students will care about learning because they know that their education matters.”

You could hear Kate Simonds present her talk at TEDxBoise below.

Do you think her thoughts are valid?

Our coaching programs are to assist our youth to find their voices.

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Wishing you lots of love and laughter, as always.

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC, Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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