• Many entrepreneurs suggest we should encourage our youth to learn entrepreneurial skills.

  • This can benefit them as the job market is changing.

  • Instead of waiting for government handouts, they could spread businesses to attack problems.

Many entrepreneurs suggest that youth should be aware of entrepreneurship. They feel we should encourage them to become familiar with entrepreneurial skills.

The traditional job market is changing and these skills can benefit them.

The topic about teaching youth to be entrepreneurs has been around for years. Junior Achievement teaches entrepreneurship to students from kindergarten through high school. It was founded in 1919. Decades ago a good friend of mine belonged to Junior Achievement. I still have a product his ‘company’ made. It had a positive effect on him.

Entrepreneurs are people that find needs in the world. They then decide to do something about meeting those needs. Not a bad characteristic to have. Adult entrepreneurs often promote these skills to children. 

One such entrepreneur is Cameron Herold. He is a lifelong entrepreneur. He came to my notice in his presentation online at TEDxEdmonton in March 2010. Its title was “Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs.”

Cameron informs us that sometimes we crush our children’s dreams and visions. He suggests we have our youth embrace the idea of being entrepreneurs. 

Here are a few of his suggestions.

  • Help nurture the entrepreneurial traits such as leadership, tenacity, attainment, introspection, interdependence, values, etc. 

  • Encourage them to look around for jobs that need to be done in the home. They can then negotiate how much they can earn to do these jobs. This is preferable to giving them an allowance.

  • Have them be creative. Don’t always read them bedtime stories. Have them create some of their own stories.

  • Have them do plays and give speeches. These are entrepreneurial traits to be nurtured.

  • Show them how to save and invest their money.

If youth learn entrepreneurship, they could solve the problems we have in the world.

They could create businesses instead of waiting for government handouts.

You can find Cameron’s presentation at:

The above is a topic that we should review when we coach our youth for their future success.

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Fred Jones

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Fred Jones

Fred Jones

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