THE GREATEST GIFT: Self Confidence

  • Self-confidence is the greatest gift we can give our youth

  • A valuable approach is to work on their strengths, not to improve their weaknesses.

  • This is their key to success in this rapidly changing world.


One of the greatest gifts we can give our youth is self-confidence.

With self-confidence they will develop into happy, productive adults.



Help them find their strengths and encourage them to work and enhance them first. If they work on their strengths, it makes them confident overall and this increase in confidence overflows into other areas in which they are not so strong.

Too often we have them work on only improving their weaknesses. This does not improve their self-confidence. For example, they may need help with mathematics. So we get them special assistance in mathematics. But by only working on their weaknesses, it makes them frustrated and often pessimistic. They may improve, but it is unlikely they will excel. This approach does not increase their self-confidence.

The key is to find their strengths, work on them and they will succeed in other areas due to their new found ‘can do’ attitude. The boost of self-confidence will enable them to even tackle the other areas such as mathematics but with a different, more positive approach.

Here are some of the approaches that the Canadian Mental Health Association has recommended you can do to help raise the confidence in youth.

FEEL SPECIAL: -They need to find their special and unique talents. They should value their own strengths but also learn that feeling special does not mean feeling better and more superior than others. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. When working in a team they can learn to work together and assist each other.

SET GOALS: If they set a goal and work to achieve it, this will enable them to have pride in their accomplishments and gain more self confidence which, in turn, means they will tackle additional challenges.

TRY, TRY AGAIN: -They should try different things in their own way, face a variety of challenges and take risks. In today’s world this is becoming ever more important to ensure they will cope with the rapidly changing world.

In addition there are other techniques that can assist such as:

DON’T DO EVERYTHING FOR THEM: Be patient and let them work things out for themselves. The more they meet their own challenges, the more competent and confident they will become.

LET THEM KNOW THAT NO ONE IS PERFECT: The way that you react to their mistakes or disappointments will deeply affect the way they react. As mentioned above, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. We can compliment each other when we work as a team.

DON’T DRAW COMPARISONS BETWEEN THEM: Appreciate everyone’s individuality and skills and special gifts.

DON’T CALL CHILDREN NAMES OR USE SARCASM TO MAKE A POINT: You should never belittle a child. I have met many adults who have been strongly affected by some comment made to them when they were a child. As well, sometimes children can be very harsh on other children. It is our task to try and prevent any such behaviour as it can be extremely harmful.

These are some thoughts on building self-confidence.

It is the greatest gift we can give our youth. This is the key to their future success in this rapidly changing world.

What are your thoughts and suggestions on how we can help our youth develop their self-confidence?

Wishing you lots of love and laughter, as always.

Fred Jones

Victoria, BC Canada

Fred Jones

Fred Jones




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